• 10 years of experience in
    software development

    We have a firm grasp of: SQL, .NET, PHP, Java, and various other current technologies.

    About Us
  • Games!

      Crypto currencies!

    BitOfSkill.com--an Australia based crypto-casino--wanted some fun games people could play head-to-head on their website. HTML 5/Javascript/PHP were used to create a variety of fun and aesthetically pleasing games.

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  • Educational Simulators

    We can create visually stimulating and immersive simulators to help teach anything--from something as common as spelling to something as specialized as how to troubleshoot a faulty solar panel installation.

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Game programming

We've created a wide variety of games both fun and educational for clients and for our own games site. We can create the game you've envisioned quickly and professionally, often for much less than competitors who lack our wealth of experience.

Business Logic

We also create business software. We can do anything from data validation & manipulation to complete, custom business management packages capable of tracking inventory, automating bookkeeping, and predicting revenues.

Quick Response Time

If you ever need an application--whether we wrote it or not--fixed or updated, we're here to help. With over a decade of experience auditing and debugging code, we can quickly fix or extend your existing app. We can work on your schedule, too! Weekends? Middle of the night? If we hear the phone, we're there to help.


How we spend our time

We dedicate ourselves to precision, security, functionality, and speed.

When we aren't bidding on jobs or skillfully completing them, we enjoy making use of the great course offerings on Coursera. We've learned about natural language processing, computer vision, and mining massive data sets thanks to Stanford et. al.

We enjoy making and sometimes even playing games, but we also find the prospect of contributing to the singularity enthralling. Idle time is more often spent furthering the field of IT than spent on "video game quality assurance".

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   Game Programming: 20%
   Learning stuff on Coursera: 15%
   Experimenting with machine learning: 10%
   Developing custom applications: 34%
   Making awesome stuff in the cloud: 16%
   Bidding on projects on freelance sites: 5%