The Java interface handles the meticulous task of populating the XML database for the user.

It also handles resizing the headshots to create small and medium sized thumbnails, and tags the photos with the actor's name.

Data types can be added and removed using the Java interface. Data types can be identified as being filters, and the html/javascript interface will automatically adjust to include filters for the data type.

The "Actor Data Interface" is a dynamically generated form which will update itself to include new datatypes and will update the combo boxes to include newly added values.

Because the end-user interface is written in pure html/javascript/css, and the database is XML, the application can be hosted for free on google drives.

Also, because there's no dynamic server side code, there is no security risk for hosting the database (beyond the pre-existing risk of your choice of operating system, or http daemon).

A version with sample data can be viewed here.