Aaron Kuchma, President of Kuchma Computational Inc, has over 10 years of experience in software development, with a focus on web applications. He also has years of experience working for industrial clients.

We have a firm grasp of: MS SQL Server, MySQL, C# & .NET, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, VB 6, Javascript (including AJAX), and XNA 3.0 (Xbox 360 development).

We also have experience with C++, Octave/MatLab programming, neural networks, and various other machine learning techniques.

Over a period of approximately 4 years, Aaron created accounting and business management software for an industrial client, integrated that custom web app with QuickBooks, handled a research and development project, and streamlined their business processes.

A variety of applications which were created for free/fun are downloadable from the portfolio section.

The source code for the sample application is also included.

In the past, Aaron wrote extensions to software running on Industry Canada servers and corrected some bugs in it too.

Aaron took the Cisco CCNA course and has a solid understanding of network topologies, protocols, and security. In addition to network security, software security is also well understood (XSS Scripting, SQL Injection, code injection, stack overflows, etc.).

In his spare time, Aaron creates artificial intelligence to play online games automatically, such as World of Warcraft using Glider/Honor Buddy, Ultima Online using EasyUO, and EVE Online using DirectEve.

The same skills required to interface with a game that doesn't want to be interfaced with could be used to create automation software that works with closed source applications. If, for example, a client used an outdated closed-source program--an 80s accounting package or database program perhaps--and a customized web application for their business logic, we could use Interop to automatically insert data from the web app into the outdated application thus saving the client time and reducing errors.

No API is no problem for us.

We have experience working remotely. While building the software for an industrial client, work was done remotely for approximately half the hours. We've also done freelancing for clients across the world--from sunny California to Australia and points in between as diverse as Saudi Arabia an Italy.

If you have a project you'd like us to bid on, please contact us using the information at the bottom of the page.

Some recent Coursera courses taken include:
Pattern Discovery in Data Mining Text Retrieval and Search Engines Image and Video Processing Machine Learning Logic: Language and Information I Gamification Reason and Persuasion