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The "Multi-Bay Scaffold Estimator" main screen:

Using the Multi Bay Scaffold Estimator

When you start the program, you'll see the window shown below.

The "Scaffold Configuration" tab shows you the layout of bays in the scaffold.

You'll always start with a first bay displayed in the middle of the screen.

If you click on one of the + buttons shown on this screen, another bay will be added to the scaffold configuration wherever the button you clicked was.

Start by going to the Bay 1 tab and defining a simple scaffold. 3'10" x 10', 3m tall, with 3'10" decks, plydecks, and wooden toeboard should do. Make it a Ladder Access Tower and put 2 decks at 7'5".

Note: For Ladder Access Towers and Stair Towers, the ladders/stairs will only go up to the highest deck level.

After you've entered that information, click on the estimate tab.

You'll get a warning saying that the # of men is incorrect. To fix this, enter "3" in the "# men on job" box near the bottom of the window.

Also enter "20" in the "distance in feet gear is from bay 1" box.

After you've done so, an estimated number of man hours, and number of shifts required will be displayed, along with a material list including the number of horizontal and vertical mobilization units required.


Now head back to the Scaffold Configuration tab.

Click on the + button to the right of bay 1. A tab for "Bay 2" will appear.

Notice that bay 1 now has an odd shape. It's 46 pixels wide by 120 pixels high—in scale with the 46" (3'10") long by 120" (10') wide the bay is.

Configure bay 2's dimentions as 7' x 10'. Make it 5m high, with 7' decks, steel decks, and steel toeboard. Also make it a deck bay with 2 decks at 7'5" and 2 more at 13' 12" (more commonly called 14'. It's fixed in the future version with: if(inchesValue == 12){inchesValue = 0; feetValue++;}).

Then click on the "Estimate" tab to see the updated equipment list and estimate.

From 3.23 hours to 9.47 hours with just one small bay added.

The only other thing you can do with the Multi Bay Scaffold Estimator is change the data. To do so, click on the "Data1", "Data2", or "Data3" tab.

For this example, try clicking on the Data1 tab and changing the Base Plate install time to 1.5 minutes.

When you're done, click on the Estimate tab to see how it changed the estimate.

Note: The program saves your changes to the file c:\users\public\scafest.ini. If it can't access that folder/file, it won't save your changes.

The new estimate is 9.52 hours, up from 9.47. Since there are only 6 base plates on a 2-bay job, adding half a minute to the install time didn't have much of an impact.

& that's all there is to estimating.